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An Ecommerce Web Design Company Netbiz Services, based in India, offers total eCommerce web design solutions. We specialize in designing and developing E-Commerce websites which increases sales.

Ecommerce website design is an important aspect of an e-commerce website as it directly impacts the traffic, sales and profits which in turn affect the business immediately. In order to attract visitors, you have to make it look as impressive as possible. A great design is what your ecommerce website needs to attract your visitors and evoke them for online purchasing.

E-Commerce solutions can help meeting up with the requirements of users who aspire to maintain a strong online retail presence. The most significant tool in e-commerce, the shopping cart applications, are designed using the latest features and are fully customized. These Shopping Carts can be organized for selling Books, Garments, Electronics, Furniture, Furnishings & Fittings, B2B products, Tickets, Restaurant Ordering, Memberships, etc.

CRM Application

CRM Applications Integrate Business Sales, Marketing & Customer Support Functions

CRM applications constitute a powerful suite of high-end tools that help to effectively streamline business sales, marketing and customer relationship functions. Using just one user-friendly solution you can securely store data, automate key business functions, coordinate sales and marketing, improve employee performance, cut costs, and focus on maximizing customer satisfaction.

By safely maintaining customer database, CRM software applications help you to effortlessly manage customer issues. Individual preferences can be clearly recorded to enable one-to-one services. This helps to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn helps to improve customer retention.

CRM Enterprise Applications Maximize Business Interactions and Improve Customer Relationships

CRM enterprise application comes equipped with a host of interactive tools to help you manage and control business tasks from remote locations. Its easy-to-use, user-friendly interface facilities a streamlined communication between key business function areas. Sales and marketing processes can be managed, work allocation and performance monitoring is possible, project campaigns can be drafted and meaningful feedbacks can be obtained. Using CRM applications you can easily study m arket trends and also identify potential market in a timely manner - all of which are vital increase business ROI.

Intranet Application

Intranets can be simple or complex, depending upon the requirements of organization. These web applications can support corporate directories, calendars, blogs, document upload/download etc. Moreover, these intranets are customized in the sense that it supports internal communication, create effectual workflow controls and also manage industry knowledge base.


Matrimonial web application will allow you to set up your own Dating & Matrimonial Website like or Bharathmatrimony or ! Visitors can read and post profiles as well as contact others either for free or on membership basis.

The main objective of MATRIMONIAL WEB PORTAL is to provide Grooms and Brides with an excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true potential life partners. Keeping our objective in mind, we have created a world renowned online matchmaking service that will touch the souls of millions of people all over the globe.